How to Calculate Cost of Wardrobe

We often get quotes from Interior Designers for wardrobes but we have no idea how these cost of wardrobe is calculated. Some quotes contain just one figure for a certain size wardrobe and others gives prices on square feet basis. The former figure is usually derived from the latter.

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We will take the square feet price and explain here how to get a rough estimate of the cost of a wardrobe. Note that we are taking the markets of Bangalore, Hyderabad and Pune to give the range of prices and they may vary based on any of the factors listed in the article.

Cost Calculator for Interior Design

How much does it cost to interior design a house ?

This is the overall cost for the interior. Please continue below on how we came to deduce this cost for your interior.

In this video, we have explained how to calculate the cost of wardrobe in details. 

While cost depends on finishes like laminate, veneer, PU, liquid acrylic, lacquered glass, aristo wardrobe, or any customized wardrobe, we will explain the basis of calculation from which, we come to a cost of wardrobe.

Be it any type of finishes, we shall explain how the area of a wardrobe is taken, then how the cost is arrived by multiplying the area by the sq. ft. rates of finishes you are looking for. 

What is Square Feet in calculating cost of wardrobe ?

Firstly, we need to understand what is this “square feet” that we keep hearing about. For this, consider the sketch in the Figure below. 

Imagine standing in front of the wardrobe. Calculate the height. In this case, it is 7’. (7’ is usually considered as a standard wardrobe height and lofts are adjusted in height based on ceiling heights.) Next, calculate the width from right to left. In this case, its 6’. Now multiply the two to get the square feet or sft of the wardrobe. So the wardrobe in this figure is 7’X6’ = 42 square feet.

Measuring wardrobe for cost calculation of interior design in bangalore

Now, to calculate the square feet rates, many parameters have to be ascertained apart from site based parameters like work timings, location etc. Some of these parameters are listed below:

Labor cost 

Whether you want a wardrobe made in a factory and installed or a wardrobe made completely on location, a carpenter is essential. This cost usually depends on supply and demand as well as cost of living of the city. This also varies based on the experience of the carpenters and other workers.

Design Complexity

Some wardrobe designs are complex. Some include more number of drawers which increases time as well as material. Some wardrobe doors have complex designs which have to be cut out or carved by the workers. Complexity of design results not just in determining time required but also wastage of material and they have a direct impact on cost and hence the rates. 

Factories are usually not aligned to make highly complex or different designs since you do not have a lot of flexibilities which come with hand work. But, they also take lesser time.

Choice of plywood

Of course, plywood can be replaced by particle board (please no!) or MDF (well…depends…) but even plywood comes in many different qualities. You have plywoods which are very cheap (some even as low as Rs.30 or so per square feet for a 18 mm commercial ply) but not durable. Some amazing plywoods which could go up to few 100’s of rupees per sqft. Some of the more famous companies of plywood are Greenply and Century which make different qualities of plywood with rates which vary drastically.

Most economical plywood or the best suited for the job are IS 710 BWP Gurjan play and IS 303 BWR Gurjan Ply. They are very durable and cost significant amount of around 70-80 rupees per sqft.

What kind of doors do you want?

Simple option to choose: Sliding or normal doors. Other variations are where you may opt for a bottom drawer with doors starting above it. Many possibilities and each affects the price of wardrobe.

Ideally, sliding doors will increase the price because the cost of channels is usually many times the cost of hinges which they replace. Some vendors do say that they do not charge anything extra but be careful since lot of local channels come for a fraction of cost of a Hettich, Ebco or Hafele channel. Under no circumstances should any unknown brand be accepted. (Note: you may have a carpenter coming and saying that the channel is “branded”. Understand that branded does not mean good quality.) 

Roughly, add around Rs.2,200 for every feet of width of wardrobe for a normal closing channel. So, in the above image, 6’ width will cost around Rs.13,200 extra. This is just rough calculation please. Soft closures will cost extra.

Taking into consideration the above factors and also considering the cities, transportation, and other parameters, a sq ft rate is deduced upon for various types of finishes. We will list down some approximate rates for various kinds of finishes. Rates may vary depending upon the city of execution.

Which finish to select for your wardrobe?

This is where things get really confusing. While most people may not know the many different kind of things available, finishes vary based on looks required as well as budgets. Factories cannot work on all finishes and hence usually only recommend laminate or acrylic or lacquer glass. Pre-laminated particle board (or PLPB) is also used but we do not recommend it. Other finishes can include PU, polyester (or polycoat or lamination), duco, veneer with melamine, veneer with PU, acrylic paint or some really amazing experiments can be done using stickers, wallpapers (yes on wardrobes!) and mirrors… 

Apart from the above, many other points like type of closures, brands of hardware, type of handles, number and size of drawers etc also have small or medium impact on prices. Kind of services and quality and experience of designers can also have a big impact on the prices.

We will give approximate range for some of the finishes in square feet below. Here, we assume a good quality ISI – 710 and IS – 303 gurjan plywood, hardware from Hettich with normal close hinges and finish as mentioned. Of course, use of Greenply Gold may increase prices by another Rs.150-200 and so on.


₹ 1250-1450

  • IS-BWP/BWR Ply
  • Glossy/Matte
  • 14-18 years


Acrylic Sheet

₹ 1450-1600

  • IS-BWP/BWR Ply
  • Glossy
  • 14-18 years

Veneer / DUCO

₹ 1700-1950

  • IS-BWP/BWR Ply
  • Matte
  • 14-18 years

PU / Liquid Acrylic

₹ 1900-2050

  • Glossy/Matte
  • 20-25 years


Polyester / Lacquer Glass

₹ 1250-1450

  • IS-BWP Ply | HDHMR
  • Glossy
  • 22-26 years

Do get in touch with us for your own customized quote 

We take you to one of our projects where we have built a walk-in wardrobe. The wardrobe not only takes care of a small layout issue that was present in the flat but also brings out more elegance and space at almost the same cost.  
At last, the most important attribute which we haven’t talked about till now, that decides the worth for your interior is the craftmanship. With same material and finish, cost may vary by 50-60 rupees a sq. ft. That’s what decides the outcome of craftmanship. How well and smartly is your unit build.   We showcase you a video below which shall talk about a small challenge and how designing smartly gives your interior a wonderful aroma.

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