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Types of Interior Design Styles which are well known today

Everyone has a varied opinion about how they want their house to look. While some may desire a minimalist, modern-day look, others might want it to look more traditional or bohemian. If you are unaware of the different interior design styles, you might mess up the situation and get a cluttered look. Hence, the ideal way is to know what interior design style you can relate to the most and the final look you want before revamping your house.

10 Different types of interior design

Let us discuss the top 10 interior design styles to give you enough information about the available design options. Moreover, it would help get your houses desired look and feel.


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Scandinavian Designs or Scandi designs

This interior style is calming and feels inviting. The soft hues and the exceptional blend of textures make it look warmer and in sync with modern-day furniture pieces and accessories. The highlight of this design style is that there is no clutter, and you will get enough room to roam around.

Japandi or Japanese plus Scandinavian

It is a mix of Scandinavian and Japanese interior designs. The two mix and match pretty well, as they come from the same sense of minimalism and the use of lighter hues. The highlights of this interior design style are more use of natural elements, brighter spaces, lighter colours, and an overall calming environment.

Boho or the Bohemian look

It is one of the most preferred options amongst the modern generation due to its focus on free-spirited aesthetics. You will find dark and warm colours around you and patterns that instantly awaken your senses. If you want your space to look energetic and alive all the time, and calming is not your vibe, you should definitely go with the boho theme.

Mediterranean Designs

Rustic, natural, and inviting are a few of the countless other traits of a Mediterranean interior design style. In addition, you will find a mix of dark and light hues, creating a perfect balance to maintain serenity and liveliness simultaneously. This design option focuses on letting the natural light and air in the space, and the accessories in the room would include ceramic tableware and terra cotta items.

Country House

This interior design style is more like a vibe that people crave. A country house is your calling if you are tired of city life and the cliché interiors. Wooden beams, visible red bricks, a fireplace, and country house furniture are a few things you would get with this style. For proper country feels, the furniture pieces should have a vintage look or have some history attached to them. Even if you get used furniture pieces with peeled layers, it would be perfect for a country house setup.

Midcentury Western

The 60s and 70s have given some iconic interior design styles, which still get the same love and attention from the modern generation. The lounge chairs, metal stools with corduroy seats, and the black and white floor design are some of its examples. Anything that reminds you of the mid-century era comes under this interior design style.

Industrial it looks great in a home bar setting

The necessity of the people in the 60s has become the popular interior design style of the current times! It is all about giving your house a raw, industrial feel with pipes and bricks showing out. Unfortunately, the rustic look intended under this style doesn't leave you with many colour options for the wall. However, you can still go for lighter hues, like greys and powder blues. Moreover, if you want to bring in some comfort, you can opt for velvet sofas.


Wooden floors, canvas chairs, and metal accessories beautifully explain the Bauhaus style. Though there used to be colour restrictions under it, you can now experiment and introduce some subtle yet eye-catchy tones into it. The palate typically includes white, black, grey, and yellow hues. You can use any of these to get the desired palate and set the desired vibe for your home.


It is the most popular and recommended interior design style for modern-day homes. It beautifully covers your space scarcity issue and gives you the feel of an open and brighter surrounding. The preferred colours for this interior design style are shades of white and black, but you can also mix another bright colour that makes things look more in sync.


It is a timeless interior design style that doesn't follow trends but uses elements that stay popular forever. The traditionally done space has neutral walls, light-coloured ceilings, wooden chests, and tables at different room corners. You can place some fresh flowers or antique pieces to highlight this look that keeps your interiors old school and contemporary at the same time.


Knowing the details about these interior design options is enough to plan a completely new makeover for your home based on your personal preferences. So, pick the interior design style that resonates the most with your ideology, and you are all set to renovate the house.


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