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Walk In Wardrobes – Its costing, advantages, and disadvantages


A walk-in wardrobe sounds like a luxury, but it can be a valuable addition to your home. Walk-in wardrobes provide spacious and organized storage for your clothing and accessories, keeping everything in one place and visible.

However, walk-in wardrobes also come at a cost. This blog will explore what walk-in wardrobes are, how much they cost, the advantages of walk-in wardrobes, potential disadvantages, and whether installing one is worth the investment for your home.


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What is a Walk-In Wardrobe?

A walk-in wardrobe is an ample closet space, typically a separate room, that provides ample storage for clothing, shoes, accessories, and other apparel. The wardrobe allows you to walk inside to organize and browse your items. It keeps everything stored in one convenient place rather than in separate closets. Walk-in wardrobes are highly customizable, with shelving, drawers, cabinets, hanging space, and other options to suit your storage needs.

Firstly, you need space as well as depth to make a walk-in wardrobe. A typical standard wardrobe has a depth of around 2’ or 60 cm. This space is necessary to ensure normal shirts etc can be hanged properly. For a walk-in space, a depth of 4’-5’ is essential along with a width of at least 6’ to make it worth the money.

Walk-In Wardrobe Costing

The cost to install a walk-in wardrobe will vary depending on the size and materials. An essential small walk-in wardrobe may cost around Rs.1 lakh, while a larger luxury wardrobe with high-end finishes costs Rs.3 lakh or more. Custom woodwork and organizational features will increase the price. In addition, the wardrobe requires flooring, lighting, and ventilation/climate control, adding to the total budget. However, a walk-in wardrobe can increase a homes value and offset some upfront costs.

Why You Need a Walk-In Wardrobe?

Here are some of the key advantages of a walk-in wardrobe:

  • Convenience: A walk-in wardrobe stores all your clothing and accessories in one place, making everything easy to find.
  • Organization: The spacious wardrobe allows you to organize items efficiently with shelving, drawers, and hanging space.
  • Visibility: You have an overview of everything stored in the wardrobe, so everything is remembered.
  • Space-saving: A walk-in wardrobe can save space since it provides more storage in a dedicated room rather than using multiple separate closets.
  • The Disadvantages

    While walk-in wardrobes have many benefits, there are also some potential downsides to consider:

  • Upfront costs: Walk-in wardrobes require a significant initial investment to install and customize the space.
  • Use of space: A walk-in wardrobe requires sacrificing a bedroom or other space in your home for storage. You need to ensure you have enough spare room for the wardrobe.
  • Ongoing maintenance: A walk-in wardrobe needs ongoing care to keep it clean and prevent issues like mildew or spiders. The wardrobe also needs to be reorganized periodically as your clothing collection changes.


Walk-in wardrobes can be a convenient and stylish addition to a home, but they come at a price. Whether installing a walk-in wardrobe is worth the investment depends on your needs, budget, and how much value the wardrobe would add to your home. If you have an extensive clothing collection and limited closet space, a walk-in wardrobe may solve your storage problems. However, a standard closet system could be sufficient and more affordable for a smaller budget or clothing collection. As with any home renovation project, carefully evaluate the costs and benefits of a walk-in wardrobe before moving forward.

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