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It is pretty tough to figure out one standard cost of modular kitchen. But it is possible to divide the discussion into roughly three parts to get the best estimate

What is the material that is being used to make the kitchen

Material can vary from very low quality particle board or it can be MDF / HDF or plywood. If budget permits, kitchens can also be made in complete solid wood.

What is the type of “finish” for the facia of the modular kitchen

Finish can again be PLPB (Pre Lam Particle Board), Membrane, Laminate (also called sunmica), veneers or polishes like duco, PU or polyester (polycoat or lamination).

How many and what accessories are being used for the kitchen

Are you going for basic baskets like cutlery, thali and plain basket or are you adding any other accessories like corner units, pullouts etc. Innumerable options are available in many famous brands like Blum, Ebco, Hettich etc.

How to measure square feet of kitchen

To understand the cost of modular kitchen, we first need to understand the unit. Usually, prices of kitchens are given after calculating the square feet (sft). This is calculated by taking the width of the unit in feet and multiplying it with the height in feet. Depth is usually taken as standard 22 inches.

As an example, in the image above, to calculate the bottom unit sft, multiply 7’8″ width with 2’6″ height which equals 19.17 sft. Similarly the top unit will be 2’X2’=4 sft.

Calculate cost of Modular Kitchen

I have tried to make a grid with the first two options (type of wood and finish) to give an understanding of prices per sft.

Rates per square feet (GST extra)
Particle Board MDF HDF Commercial Plywood Waterproof Plywood
PLPB 600 to 1000
Laminate 1100 to 1400 1250 to 1550 1250 to 1500 1350 to 1600
Veneer with Melamine 1450 to 1650 1550 to 1750
Veneer with PU 1550 to 1750 1650 to 1850
Veneer with Polyester 1900 to 2200 2000 to 2300
Duco (Matte finish) 1400 to 1650 1500 to 1750 1450 to 1650 1550 to 1750
Plain Color PU 1500 to 1750 1600 to 1850 1500 to 1750 1600 to 1850
Color Polyester 1900 to 2200 2000 to 2300 1900 to 2200 2000 to 2300
Lacquer Glass 1900 to 2200 2000 to 2300 1900 to 2200 2000 to 2300
Acrylic 1400 to 1650 1500 to 1750 1400 to 1650 1500 to 1750
Assuming standard basic rates for laminates, acrylic and veneers    

The table above gives a rough but fair idea of the proper rates which should be charged. This is a range since prices can vary based on complexity, customization, design etc.

Once you have measured the total square feet of the work and then checked out the rates, you can have a fair idea of the cost of modular kitchen woodwork.

Some pics are shown below to give you an idea of what finish is what.

Cost of Accessories

Having calculated the woodwork it just boils down to how many accessories you need. The woodwork itself usually comes with 3 standard drawers and one shelf in all cabinets. You can accessorize using baskets like cutlery tray, SS baskets like thali basket or plain baskets. You can add one of many different type of corner units or have a bottle pullout. A basket (along with channel) will usually come for around Rs.3000 to Rs.4500. Bottle Pullout will be approximately Rs.5000 to Rs.7500. Corner units can vary from Rs.10,000 to even Rs.1 lakh. All these can be decided based on your budget and convenience you are looking for.

Final cost of Modular Kitchen

To get an estimate of a standard L shaped kitchen of size 8’X10′, lets do the calculations assuming that we are putting plywood with laminate finish with waterproof ply in bottom units (Rs.1400 per sft) and commercial ply in top units (Rs.1300 per sft).

Assuming that the granite runs across L shape for 10′ and 8′ in the kitchen, we can take the total width of bottom units as 10+8 but we need to reduce 2′ that is common (in the corner). So total width is 10+8-2=16′. Height usually is 2.8′. Hence sft for bottom part is 16X2.8=44.8 sft. @Rs.1400 per sft, cost for bottom units comes to Rs.62720.

Usually a 2′ chimney is kept above a kitchen stove for which space is left out. Similarly, 3′ above the sink is left to keep things like RO units etc. Lets assume that top units run all along except these 5′ of space. Total width is then 5′ less than bottom units = 16-5=11′. Height of top units is usually 2′. Hence total sft of top part is 11X2=22 sft @Rs.1300 per sft, cost of top unit is Rs.28600.

Total cost of woodwork hence comes to Rs.91,320. Basic baskets can be added to add another Rs.12,000 to take the cost to Rs.1,03,320 for a plywood and laminate 8X10 L shaped kitchen.

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