It is pretty tough to figure out one standard cost of modular kitchen. But it is possible to divide the discussion into roughly three parts to get the best estimate

What is the material that is being used to make the kitchen

Material can vary from very low quality particle board or it can be MDF / HDF or plywood. If budget permits, kitchens can also be made in complete solid wood.

What is the type of “finish” for the facia of the modular kitchen

Finish can again be PLPB (Pre Lam Particle Board), Membrane, Laminate (also called sunmica), veneers or polishes like duco, PU or polyester (polycoat or lamination).

How many and what accessories are being used for the kitchen

Are you going for basic baskets like cutlery, thali and plain basket or are you adding any other accessories like corner units, pullouts etc. Innumerable options are available in many famous brands like Blum, Ebco, Hettich etc.

How to measure square feet of kitchen

To understand the cost of modular kitchen, we first need to understand the unit. Usually, prices of kitchens are given after calculating the square feet (sft). This is calculated by taking the width of the unit in feet and multiplying it with the height in feet. Depth is usually taken as standard 22 inches.

cost of modular Kitchen
cost of modular Kitchen

As an example, in the image above, to calculate the bottom unit sft, multiply 7’8″ width with 2’6″ height which equals 19.17 sft. Similarly the top unit will be 2’X2’=4 sft.

Calculate cost of Modular Kitchen

I have tried to make a grid with the first two options (type of wood and finish) to give an understanding of prices per sft.

Rates per square feet (GST extra)
Particle BoardMDFHDFCommercial PlywoodWaterproof Plywood
PLPB600 to 1000
Laminate1100 to 14001250 to 15501250 to 15001350 to 1600
Veneer with Melamine1450 to 16501550 to 1750
Veneer with PU1550 to 17501650 to 1850
Veneer with Polyester1900 to 22002000 to 2300
Duco (Matte finish)1400 to 16501500 to 17501450 to 16501550 to 1750
Plain Color PU1500 to 17501600 to 18501500 to 17501600 to 1850
Color Polyester1900 to 22002000 to 23001900 to 22002000 to 2300
Lacquer Glass1900 to 22002000 to 23001900 to 22002000 to 2300
Acrylic1400 to 16501500 to 17501400 to 16501500 to 1750
Assuming standard basic rates for laminates, acrylic and veneers

The table above gives a rough but fair idea of the proper rates which should be charged. This is a range since prices can vary based on complexity, customization, design etc.

Are you looking for Cost of Sofa Set

Once you have measured the total square feet of the work and then checked out the rates, you can have a fair idea of the cost of modular kitchen woodwork.

Some pics are shown below to give you an idea of what finish is what.

What is minimum cost of modular kitchen?
A kitchen can start from as low as the cost of a simple cabinet which could be 3 feet high and 2 feet wide. For an 8X10 surface kitchen, you can keep minimum cost as somewhere around 75K. It does depend on a lot of things like hardware, storage solutions, material, finish etc.

How much does Hettich modular kitchen cost?
Hettich is a brand for hardware and kitchen accessories. Its not a kitchen brand. Hettich hardware is pretty decent and can last a long time. One hinge set cost starts from around Rs.70. Since Hettich does not make modular kitchens, I cannot tell you the cost. You can check the cost at our cost calculator at

Which brand is best for modular kitchen?
In terms of hardware, Hafele is possibly having a very good but expensive range of accessories for a modular kitchen. Second in line will be Hettich and Ebco. To give an idea, a magic corner from Hafele may cost around 70,000 and the similar things from Hettich or Ebco may cost Rs.35,000 while a local company might give for as low as Rs.10,000. Performance and longevity will obviously be different as will be the raw material. As far as kitchens are concerned, Simply Interiors makes completely customized modular kitchens with not just color options but even options in complete finish of the kitchen as well as multiple hardware brand options based on budget and design.

What is a modular kitchen?
Truthfully, its a kitchen which is simply screwed into the area and can always be removed by just removing the screws. Hence the name “modular” or modules.In India, we have started perceiving a “modular” kitchen as one with a certain set of baskets, hardware etc.

What material is best for modular kitchen?
If you are using plywood as a base, then go for boiling water proof plywood. Do not allow paint in the inside but stick laminates as they are waterproof. Hardware should not be local but Hettich or Ebco or Hafele. Baskets should be stainless steel and not chrome plated iron since that will rust.