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Interior Design quotes

We understand that since you are looking for getting interiors done for your home, you are definitely looking for a good interior designer who will be able to do your work within a certain budget. You will get multiple quotes from multiple people. The question which most people ask is how to compare different interior design quotes? The reasons are obvious:

  1. While some of us know about interiors, most of us are completely new to this domain and hence have no clue about the work.
  2. The quotes given to us are not standard. Simply Interiors gives the quote with some details. Someone else may give the quote with some other specifications.

So how to you compare the different quotes that you have got? Read on or check the video below as well.


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Comparing different interior design quotes gives you a better idea on pricing transparency.

You may see this small video to arrive on sq. ft. rates if any interior design firm has given a cost without mentioning the sq. ft. rates.

To understand how to compare different quotes, you need to carry out the following steps with the various quotes that you get.

Step 1: Isolate the key points to compare in different quotes

Work out the areas which are going to cost you the most or are the most important to you. Usually, the kitchen and the wardrobes are the most costly as well as essential in your requirements. Now take out the details given to you by various people for these areas. These details should include the total cost, total measurement, material specifications etc or whatever is basically given.

Step 2: Standardize the pricing and material

You need to standardize two things in the details sent across to you.

  1. Material needs to be standard.Some people give “engineered wood”, some mention MDF while others mention plywood. Simply Interiors usually gives ISI marked plywood. Similarly, laminate of which brand or what value. Try to get as much standardization as possible in the material.
  2. Get the standard rate on a square feet basis for the given material. DO NOT LOOK at the total figure. It may fool you. A wardrobe price may be given for a double door, 3’ wide wardrobe by one person and a 4 door, 6’ wide wardrobe by another. Ideally, it should be based on your floor plan but many vendors give a smaller wardrobe since they feel the quote should look smaller. Standardize to a square feet rate.

Please check the video to figure out what square feet rate means.

Step 3: Compare the various details of Interior Design quotes

Now you need to sit down and compare the following:

  1. The square feet rates that you got from Step 2. Now some of the people may give these rates a bit higher than others. For that, compare the below things as well.
  2. Compare the trust. Given similar pricing, is it possible for you to trust the carpenter or the brand? How easy is it to deal with them?
  3. Compare the timeline. Make sure to take the time needed to complete the project in written. Different finishes may result in different time needed but make sure to get these things cleared out.

In the end, it is your home. You may plan to stay in it or you may have purchased it as an investment. Either ways, you need the interior work to last you longer while giving the best possible price for it. That is the whole point of selection from various options available.


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