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We have observed that many of our customers end up using these words interchangeably. Not just customers but even some workmen do not really think before saying if a ceiling is made using gypsum or POP.

Firstly, lets clarify what the two things really are.

What is Gypsum board?

As far as composition is concerned, gypsum board is very similar to POP. “Gypsum” itself is a soft sulphate mineral which is found in the Earth. It is mined extensively and among other things, its used to make the chalk that we use on blackboards as well as POP.

To make a gypsum board false ceiling, aluminium channels are first used to make a framework. The boards are then screwed on this frame. It’s a relatively easy process and does not take much time.

What is POP or Plaster of Paris?

POP is also gypsum in powdered form. The gypsum that is mined is heated to remove all water and then ground up to make POP. Apart from interiors, POP is also used in many other things like moulding, medical plasters etc.

POP false ceiling basically means you take the powder, add water and then stick it on the ceiling to either make some sort of designs or cornices or it can also be applied on a frame made of aluminium channels and netting. The process is a bit messy and takes time for application as well as for drying.

So which one is better for False Ceiling? POP or Gypsum?

Gypsum boards are definitely less messy to install. In addition, they take lesser time and they also are slightly more harder and more fire resistant compared to POP. The limitation of gypsum board is in terms of the designs. While most of the more prevalent false ceilings nowadays can be made in gypsum, they can only be used to make simple ceilings. Any moulding in 3D or cornice cannot be made using gypsum boards since they are basically sheets which can be cut.

POP on the other hand has to be moulded and hence is a very good material for making cornices as well as nice designs around fans etc in the ceilings.Interior Designers in Pune


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