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Modular Kitchen Cabinets

Modular kitchens are becoming popular nowadays. People who love to add a modern look to their homes prefer installing modular kitchen cabinets. Unlike the conventional kitchen setups, a modular kitchen is much more functional and effective.


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If you have ever observed any such innovative kitchen, you will find there a variety of appliances and gadgets. These include best under cabinet lights, pull-out cabinets, in-built storage and pantry, the incredible counter-top and so on.

Are you planning to install an innovative modular kitchen cabinet? In that case, you are reading the right article. Keep reading to learn more.

Installing modular kitchen cabinets

Identify the kitchen space and design the layout

Your very first step would be to identify your kitchen space where you want to install the modular kitchen setup. A modular kitchen is designed according to the space available.

For instance, if you have limited space, you can design a small but smart kitchen. But if you have enough space, you can fit all your needs with ease. In the former case, a straight or parallel modular kitchen is designed. While for the latter, one can easily go for the island shape or customized design.

Plan out your storage requirement

The next important thing to keep in mind is your storage requirement. Different users have different requirements and based on this the storage space is built up. Storage requirement deals with the number of cabinets you need, the drawers, tall units, hanging units, etc.

Moreover, you can simply customize your preferences if you have a spacious design. There is no use to install a big storage space if you need a limited one. So, planning out the storage requirement should be your next target.

Choose the best lights and fixtures

The very next thing you should think of is choosing the best under cabinet lights, ceiling lights and installing the proper fixtures. Your kitchen looks awesome only when you install bright lights.

A modular kitchen usually comes with different kitchen appliances, like a micro oven, mixer grinder, wine chiller, chimney, etc. To ensure all these appliances work properly, it is important to have proper electric fixtures and fittings.

Arrange fixtures and fittings according to the design and turn your kitchen experience more soothing.

Design the proper ventilation and fire exit

Even your kitchen ventilation and fire exit need attention. A modular kitchen is designed with chimney and exhaust fans. And to make this work effectively, it is necessary to have a proper outlet in your kitchen.

Before you move on to other essential elements, make sure that you plan out enough space for ventilation and other safety needs.

Don’t forget to use good reflector shades

Choosing kitchen wall shades is not similar to the one you choose for your rooms. Every kitchen requires good reflector shades so that it remains brighter both day and night.

Yes, of course, the ceiling lights are quite responsible for turning the kitchen space brighter. But if you don’t have good reflector shades there is no meaning of using the best under cabinet lights and ceiling lights.

So friends, avoid bright and dark colors like black, dark blue, brown, etc. These colors turn the room even darker. Instead, choose the soft light colors like yellow, white, etc. and let the light disperse.

Consider a pantry

When you are planning for your kitchen, how can you forget the pantry section? This has a great role to play, especially for the foodies!Design a pantry section or a cupboard where you can store all your cooking ingredients and food.

Starting with raw veggies and meats to cooked food, the pantry should have enough space to carry everything. Design a pantry that holds multiple storage boxes of different shapes. You can even call this pantry cupboard a refrigerator where you can stock all your food items.

Plan out the working area

No kitchen design is completed without a working area. Right? It needs extensive planning to draw the layout of the working area that comes with spaces for cooking, washing, and preparing. Ensure that the cooking top or the counter-top is quite spacious to hold the kitchen appliances and make the cooking experience hassle-free.

Summing up

Modular kitchens setups not just add a ‘wow’ look to the home, but even make the everyday cooking experience exciting.

Just imagine – you have an old dull kitchen space. Do you think you will be in an exciting mood to cook anything? Absolutely, not. Rather you will feel pissed off every moment once you step into such an environment.So, friends, design a cool, modernized cooking space, install the best under cabinet lights and in-built storage, and make your kitchen attractive. You can even reach out to a Modular kitchen planner to have professionalism in the creation.


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