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What is the cost of Acrylic Kitchen Cabinets?

Have you wondered what should be the ideal cost of acrylic kitchen cabinets? Why is it so different from laminates and if you are paying for the right acrylic or not? We discuss these issues in this article.

If you want to know more about the various types of Acrylic available including different sheets as well as paints, please click here.

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Lots of people come to us looking for the actual cost of Acrylic Kitchen cabinets for modular kitchen. Unfortunately, not many people are able to figure out the reasons why acrylic is usually so expensive.


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Acrylic is a very famous finish specially for kitchen cabinets due to two reasons:

  1. It is highly glossy
  2. It is scratch proof

Both reasons are partially wrong.

  1. Acrylic can be both glossy and matte. It’s just that the glossy one sells more and hence that is the one you get to see more. Don’t believe me? Come over to our Bangalore office and we can show you samples
  2. If acrylic is manufactured in the right way, it is scratch resistant. It is not scratch proof. This is because acrylic is harder than laminates but the thin sheets of acrylic that you get are usually made using extrusion and they have too many impurities and hence not scratch resistant as well.

Apart from these points, acrylic (again, the one made using cell cast method and not extrusion) is also safe from discoloration over time.

You are wondering what are these methods of making acrylic? There are two methods of manufacturing acrylics.

Acrylic made using extrusion method

Acrylic made using cell cast method

Looking for Acrylic Modular Kitchen Interiors?

Do not confuse yourself. We have options in acrylic sheets as well as acrylic paints to choose from.

All prices mentioned here are for cell cast acrylics. We do not recommend extrusion though that can be around 10-15% cheaper than cell cast. Why? Because they are inferior in quality.

The only difference that you can assume for the cost of acrylic kitchen vs one finished in any other finish is the shutters or the doors. The internal framework is the same in all modular kitchens that we consider. This is made using boiling waterproof plywood with laminate finish. In addition, all hardware is considered to be of Hettich or Ebco brands. Any finish is just done on the doors. Hence here also, consider acrylic kitchen shutters and acrylic panels in the kitchen where these are visible and not hidden by the acrylic shutters.

Please make sure of the internal frames since many branded modular kitchen manufacturers give HDF or PLPB (particle board) for internal frame. This area needs strength and should not be done in these materials.

We are not discussing how to calculate the square feet of your kitchen. For that, please refer either our article here or our video here.

Having found the square feet, please use an approximate rate of Rs.1700 per sft if you want to go for the more expensive cell cast acrylic (either sheet or paint). Please note that this rate is for Bangalore charged by Simply Interiors in 2020. Articles live long and we do not want to commit anything else. In addition, this price is subject to designs and selections. Some could be more expensive and some might be less expensive as well.

For Hyderabad, Chennai and Pune, we are currently charging Rs.1750 per sft for modular kitchen made in acrylic.

If any of our customers insists on extruded acrylics, we usually charge the same rate as laminate and add the difference of the acrylic sheets. You may end up with a converted rate of around Rs.1400 or so per sft. Again, this depends on selection of acrylic.

For a more detailed quote please contact us here if you are present in Bangalore, Hyderabad, Chennai or Pune. We will be glad to assist you and execute the work for you.

In case you are looking for acrylic on wardrobes or other areas, please reduce the rate of kitchen by around Rs.50-100 and multiply with the square feet to get a rough estimate.


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