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As soon as you buy or even book a house, you will start wondering what the cost of interior design for your home will be. It could be a small 1BHK flat or a huge bungalow. The cost of home interior is a black box which most of us have no clue about. This entire post is purely for the purpose of helping you out. Our YouTube channel has several videos to explain the same as well. 

The cost of interior design typically depends on several factors. Some of these are:

Interior cost calculator

Cost depends on the material

While this even sounds ridiculous, but to give you a small idea (and make you understand the depth of this issue), the base material of any wooden interior work can be particle board, MDF, HDF, plywood or HDHMR to name afew. Assuming just plywood, the price can vary from as low as Rs.20-25 per sft and can go as much high as Rs.200-250 per sft.

For your regular work, a BWR plywood with proper ISI markings in a range of Rs.60-70 is usually perfect.

Cost depends on hardware

Usually, your maximum expense for any room in your interior design will be in your kitchen. In the kitchen, the cost can really go up or stay down depending on the hardware that you install.

These costs can easily go into 6 figures.

You can have various hardware fittings in kitchen, some of which are follows:

i. Pantry Hardware

ii. Tall Unit fittings

iii. Corner Unit

iv. Pull Down/Up Hydraulic

v. Double Hinged Hydraulic

And many more. Cost of interior design vastly depends upon your hardware selection. 

Cost depends on the finishes

Cost of interior design also depends upon the finishes selected. Some of the finishes listed are below:

i. Prelaminated particle board (Engineered Wood)

ii. Laminate (Sunmica)

iii. Acrylic Board/Sheet

iv. PolyUrethane (PU)

v. Veneer with melamine/PU polish

vi. Liquid Acrylic – Polyurethane

vii. Lacquered Glass

viii. Polyester

….. the list and types of finishes that are possible are huge. Each of these finishes obviously comes with a cost attached to it. This cost can vary as much as double in some cases also.

How much should be cost of interior design of your home?

To understand more about how to do the costing, please watch the video here. While detailed calculations are always possible and can be provided based on measurements, we have tried to define a rough estimate to guide you. Kindly note that any taxes are not included

For cost calculation purpose, we have assumed that we are estimating costs for a new flat. The kitchen is modular L-shaped 6’X10′ with basic accessories. One bedroom has 6 feet wide four door wardrobe with loft above. Remaining rooms have 4.5 feet wide 3 door wardrobes with loft. False ceiling, Shoe Rack and one TV unit is also included in living room. 

You can go to cost calculator  and get a rough estimate for your home. But do read the post please.

Approximation table for various cost of Interior Design

No of Rooms Low Cost - Prelam Particle Board Budget - Plywood with laminate Premium - Liquid Acrylic
1.5 lakhs
2 lakhs
3.5 lakhs
2 lakhs
2.8 lakhs
4.5 lakhs
2.5 lakhs
3.6 lakhs
5.5 lakhs
3 lakhs
4.4 lakhs
6.5 lakhs

This is a simple table to give an idea of approximate costs keeping in mind the minimalistic work required .

Some of the material specifications are given below.

The specifications considered are as below:

  • Budget and Premium category use plywood (ISI grade BWP boiling water proof ply for lower cabinets in kitchen and ISI grade BWR in all other areas). Low Cost uses pre-laminated particle board.
  • Budget category has finish of internal 0.7 mm white or off white laminate with 0.8 mm edge banding. External finish is 1 mm laminate (max price Rs.1200 per sheet) with 2 mm PVC edge banding.
  • Veneer in Premium category is priced upto Rs.120 per sft. PU is taken of solid color. PU will be done on HDHMR which will replace plywood.
  • Hinges and channels are Hettich in all packages.
  • Locks of Europa will be used on all double door wardrobes. Two drawers will also be provided in each wardrobe.
  • TV unit will have two drawers and one open shelf and will be of width 4′.
  • Modular kitchen includes three stainless steel baskets (cutlery, thali and plain basket and tandem drawers) in the drawers.
  • All work will be done in factory and executed within one month.
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