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Effects of lights

More than 60% of the world population will soon be living in urban and metropolitan areas. With the increase in residential complexes and residential demand, the actual area available to all for residential and commercial activities is decreasing. Therefore, it becomes imperative to know more about the ways that can enhance the space, at least psychologically. The lights of a space may also have benefits in this regard, and lights when used properly can make a room or space look bigger.


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Good design concepts and the tricks can make a small room, which is uncomfortable and confining seem to possess much more space that it actually has. Apart from smart lighting or natural lighting arrangements, use of right furniture and color techniques are some other ways and techniques that can be used for the objective of making a room appear larger. Improper lighting reflects an absence of space, while ample amount of natural or artificial light in a given area brings to fore the complete picture of it to the eye, and therefore an assumption is made that space is large.

Natural Light

One thing that has been noticed is that when the natural light can reach freely inside the home interiors through a window or some other opening, it makes space look larger. Apart from the natural light, certain creative artificial lighting effects can also be used, and the synergy created will aid your efforts in this regard. When a window is open and natural light is coming in, a psychological connection is established between the outdoors and the room interiors, thereby removing the limiting and confining barriers from the space and region. Apart from pulling back the curtains and coverings from the windows, also try to use the sheer covering varieties so that diffused light can come in. You can also place the lamps so that they act a home decor as well as provide light to the room. You can also keep the flowers and the plants at the right places, which will also brighten of the space.

Improving on the Dark Areas

Certain aspects of the room and home interiors may also make them appear darker, which will again cause a confining and uncomfortable effect on the space. Consequently, the space within the interiors will seem to be less than what it actually is. Use of dark colored paints may be the cause of the confining of space, while the low ceilings, small windows, and the awkward angles also conspire well enough to make a room appear darker. When you use the cooler colors, the reflected light increases and the room feels more lightened and spacious.

Maximum lighting effect can be brought in by the using of more pale shade varieties of blue and grey. If you want to light along for extra warmth, you can try the yellows of the terracotta. but while doing so do not put in the brown furniture, which will be overpowering. Ceilings should never be painted in the dark if you want to make the room space appear larger. While white may be the best option, you can also try the golds and greens on the ceiling.


If the wall or ceiling surfaces are glossy, they will reflect the light and will create the necessary effect required to make your own space look greater. Lighter paints come in many different colors and shades along with the glossy finish and can reflect light that they receive back into space. The use of these paints will also brighten up space apart from making it look larger. The plaster paint pink tones are recommended in this regard.

Mirrors and Mirrored Furniture

Mirrors can also reflect light and therefore will make your room space appear larger. You can use the wall mirrors, isolated mirrors, the mirror home decors, or the mirrored furniture to brighten up the living spaces and to make them look huge.

Recessed Light

Recessed light is also a kind of light fixture that can enhance space psychologically. Also called as downlights, these lights are installed in the ceiling, within the small openings. Because these lights do not take any physical space, for instance, the table or the floor space, they make a room look big. Apart from the rooms, the light can also be used in the narrow hallways and at other places.

Lighting of the Corners

It is important to cast light on all the corners of a room, places that are mostly ignored by the lighting fixtures. As the human eye does not get the complete and full picture, space seems to be unavailable, which thereby causes the impression that the room space is short or less.

The casting light can be used on the desks, entertainment centers, and bookshelves among other areas. The LED strip lights and the track lights suit the purpose best.

Vertical Vision Path

If the viewers of the room space follow a vertical path while viewing the room space, it will seem to be larger than what it actually is. The diagonal of a rectangle is always of a greater length when compared to its length and breadth. Therefore, if the eye is inclined to a greater angle while looking up and down, the impression that space is larger is eventually made. This can be done easily and conveniently by placing your lighting fixture at the higher room areas and points. Overhead lighting, wall sconces, and the tall lamps may create this vertical view for your room/home visitors to follow. Any other method for a lighting fixture that can move the vision of the people upwards and away from the actual room will have the same space enlargement effect.

Hanging Lights

The corners of the room and other areas including kitchen are of a smaller size, and use of improper lighting make them appear even smaller. The pendant lights can be fixed in these smaller replace spaces so that they create the right ambiance, and beautiful illumination while also enhancing the room space psychology. The use of these lights will provide for saving of physical space as well. The best position of these pendant lamps is above the kitchen table or Island.

It is better to use the natural lights where ever you can, which will not only save electricity for you but will also enhance your mood and bring a natural ambiance to your home and room interiors. Use of multiple lighting systems and light within a home improve its value and creates the impression of extra space, which is a soothing and comfortable experience or feeling to have. While many of the tricks made me do-it-yourself or DIY in nature, you can also engage the professional services for interior designing. They will elaborate on this issue and will provide you more tricks and tips that you can use to increase the size of your room and home interiors.


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