Various Types of kitchens

Practically, kitchens can be identified by the general layout of the cabinets and appliances in the kitchen. The reason for defining the various types of kitchens is primarily to help in doing the interior design in such a way that the right type of kitchen is made depending on various factors. We studied a bit about the Types of Kitchen in the article on Modular Kitchen. Here, we discuss them in a lot greater detail.

What are the factors that help select the type of Modular Kitchen?

What are the things that define what type of kitchen you should have?

Some of these factors are listed below:

  • Available space: How much space is available for the kitchen. Some types of kitchen simply may not fit in.
  • Number of cooks: Some type of kitchens has more space than others to accommodate more cooks.
  • Privacy needed: Some layouts allow a lot of open spaces while others are more closed.
  • Work Triangle: An efficient work triangle may be possible in some types of kitchens.
  • Family lifestyle: Does breakfast happen at a counter or while running? Do people prefer to combine television viewing time with dinner time? Is there a cook cooking food or someone from the family?
  • Storage needed: How much storage is needed is also an essential part of the decision making. Some types of kitchens provide more storage space than others.
  • Size of family: Depending on the size of the family, some type of kitchens may actually be better suited than others.

Using the above factors, lets identify the various types of Kitchens along with their advantages and disadvantages.

One Wall Kitchen

One Wall Kitchen

A One wall Kitchen has all the cabinets and appliances lined up against one wall. It has no corner spaces and you can simply walk right across the kitchen on one side.

What are the advantages of a one wall kitchen?

A one wall kitchen has the following advantages:

  1. A compact layout. Its easy to design and define.
  2. It’s a perfect kitchen for a small home.
  3. A one wall kitchen is great for a bachelor pad or a couple’s pad.
  4. It can fit into some very small places.
  5. It’s the cheapest possible.

What are the disadvantages of a one wall kitchen?

  1. Not a good thing for a large family.
  2. Absolutely no privacy is provided.
  3. Work Triangle is not exactly great sine the two things on extremes are always going to be far.
  4. Not much storage space available.

Galley or Parallel Kitchen

Galley or Parallel Kitchen

A Galley or a Parallel kitchen has counters and appliances placed across two parallel walls. This could even include a breakfast counter opposite to a so called one wall kitchen. This kitchen also has no corners in it.

What are the advantages of a parallel kitchen?

  1. It gives a very modern feel.
  2. A compact layout with things arranged against walls.
  3. It works well for a wider kitchen space
  4. Decent amount of storage is available.
  5. Work Triangle can be pretty compact.

What are the disadvantages of a galley or parallel kitchen?

  1. Not a good thing for a large family since space inside for working may be limited.
  2. If the kitchen falls in an open area, passage through it could cause discomfort.

L Shape Kitchen

L Shape Kitchen

An L shape kitchen has counters and appliances arranged across two adjacent walls. This arrangement has one corner to be dealt with.

What are the advantages of a L Shape kitchen?

  1. A private layout which does not come in the way.
  2. It gives a very modern feeling. The kitchen has a very open concept.
  3. Decent amount of storage is available.
  4. Work Triangle is possibly the best in this type of kitchen.
  5. It’s a very good option for a medium sized family.
  6. Allows entrance from two sides.

What are the disadvantages of an L shape kitchen?

  1. One corner might become a challenge since its not easily accessible for storage.
  2. It is not suitable for a larger family since its usually found in an average space.

U Shape Kitchen

U Shape Kitchen

A U shape kitchen has counters and appliances arranged across three sides. Typically, two corners are present in this arrangement.

What are the advantages of a U Shape kitchen?

  1. This is an amazing layout for a large family.
  2. It allows for a lot of storage space.
  3. Very good when there is a possibility of multiple cooks working simultaneously. Multiple work areas can be accommodated.

What are the disadvantages of a U Shape kitchen?

  1. Due to its size, an efficient work triangle could be a challenge.
  2. It is highly inefficient in kitchens with smaller dimensions.
  3. Two corner spaces could result in lot of wastage of space.

Island Kitchen

Island Kitchen

An island kitchen has a counter in the middle which is not attached to any of the walls. It basically has free space for movement all around it. An island may also have stools arranged around it for sitting down.

What are the advantages of an Island kitchen?

  1. An island can provide a lot of extra storage space.
  2. Island could become a highlight of the house where everyone sits around.
  3. It provides a separate work station for working.
  4. It works decently well for a large nuclear family.

What are the disadvantages of an Island kitchen?

  1. Island kitchen requires a lot of space to ensure free movement all around it.
  2. It does not work well in a closed kitchen.
  3. It makes an efficient work triangle a bit of a challenge to work with.
  4. Ensuring the optimum size of the island becomes essential.
  5. The kitchen does not provide any privacy from the cooking. Hence its not suitable where an outside person will be cooking.

G Shape Kitchen

G Shape Kitchen

A G shape kitchen is basically like a U shape with counters and appliances across three sides. Part of the fourth side is extended into something like a breakfast counter. This part is attached to one of the counters or a wall on one side.

What are the advantages of a G Shape kitchen?

  1. A G shape kitchen provides a lot of storage spaces.
  2. Its optimum for a large family with possibilities of multiple people working at the same time.
  3. The breakfast counter could act as a serving station or a place to hang out for a quick bite.

What are the disadvantages of a G Shape kitchen?

  1. It can work well only in a very large kitchen space.
  2. An efficient work triangle may not be possible due to the large size.
  3. At least two corner spaces have to be dealt with.

So how does it help to know the various types of Modular kitchen?

Knowing the various types of modular kitchen is the first step to understand and design your kitchen. Many Interior Designers do not really pay attention to a lot of small things and most will not even ask you about your lifestyle. It is usually left to us to figure out what we are looking for. This article is the first step towards achieving that goal. Of course, if you are looking at getting more information about kitchens, please check out our article on Modular Kitchen which talks about all the small things.

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