That First Visit – What To Do

What do we do on the first visit with you?

Having got some basic idea of what you are looking for through a call and having shared a quote with you (generated online or created), we have a clue about your requirements. What we need to try and achieve in the first visit is:

  • Give you an idea of various finishes and materials. Our team carries samples to show and explain the same.
  • Make a detailed note of your specific requirements including the work you need.
  • Inspect the location and make suggestions on general placement as well as finishes based on your budget.
  • Take measurements for giving an exact quote. Another round of measurements will happen by the carpenters before starting to ensure millimeter level precision.

What should you do in preparation for this visit?

We understand that every customer is different, has different tastes, different budget, different requirements. But unless you tell us, we will not know your specific needs. For this reason, we expect you to be ready with:

  • Your questions related to SimplyInteriors as well as any general interiors related queries. In case our expert is not able to answer, they will ensure that you get the reply later.
  • A list of your requirements preferably categorized as “Definitely Needed”, “Will Like to Consider” and “Only If Budget Allows”. This will help us guide you better.

Is this visit charged?

Yes this visit is charged at Rs.500 per hour starting from the time of meeting. Kindly make the payment BEFORE start of the meeting. This money is purely for taking care of the expenses incurred for the trip and time spent by the expert. This money will be adjusted in the quote if you plan to go ahead with us and will not be extra money spent. You can pay the expert through cash or by cheque in name of “Krafts India”. Receipt will be sent to you online.

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