As more and more people move to urban areas and adopt those lifestyles, sizes of flats are reducing day by day. It is not uncommon to see a 3BHK flat with a carpet area of 1000 sft nowadays. We get similar kind of requests from our clients and we thought of compiling a small list of Interior Design Ideas for designing a small house in India. We took two things into consideration while consolidating these ideas:

  1. Feeling of space: While the rooms might be small, it makes it that much more essential to have a feeling of space in the flat.
  2. Storage requirements: We still have those big suitcases and all those extra clothes and kitchen items to take care of.

These interior design ideas are being given based on rooms.

Living Room

While most of the places will recommend a sofa cum bed or a vertical bed behind a sofa in the living room, none of these are recommended in case the space is going to be used often. Beds start smelling if left closed. Sofa cum bed start falling apart if used too frequently.

We recommend a low seating with mattresses either directly on the floor or a very low base as shown in the picture.

Low Seating Sofa

Low Seating Sofa

This ensures that even a small room looks big. The space behind the sofa can be made into low cabinets as well without handles. These non intrusive storage spaces can be amazing to roll in those huge suitcases or you can make shelves to keep a tonne of stuff or even your linen and pillows. All at arms’ distance right in the living room without being conspicuous. The same space with a foldable bed will never give you that much luxury of storage space.

This can be matched with a low center table and a wall mounted TV with a small console for keeping the modems and remotes etc.


Did you know: In ideal kitchen where one person usually cooks at a time, a space of around 3-4 feet is enough for cooking at the left of the stove.

Usually, a typical small size kitchen will have a running slab of 12-15 feet. Take 3 feet out for sink, 2 feet for stove and 4 feet for preparation and you still have 3-5 feet left. Usually, we fill this space up with a microwave or other appliances. I suggest having two tall units. One of them can have appliances including microwave, food processor and even a wet grinder inside it and another one is just a lot of pantry space. If cost does not permit, just have simple shelves inside the second one instead of stainless steel hardware fittings. You will be surprised how much stuff these two tall units can hold and they will take a maximum space of around 4’. You may still have a lot of extra space even inside a small kitchen.

Tip: You can also place one or both of these tall units next to the refrigerator in case space is available there which might otherwise go waste. Ensure that enough space is left open for proper air circulation in the kitchen.


Chest of drawers – a big space saver

Chest of drawers – a big space saver

A bunker bed is a fantastic interior design idea for a small bedroom in case the space is for kids. Add a couple of drawers below the lower bed and you also have lots of storage and a very glamorous look for the room.

Wardrobes are an essential part but if space is a constraint ignore the dressing unit. Have sliding doors on wardrobes and add a mirror on one of the doors. This will do few things together. One, it will give you a mirror which is essential. Two, your wardrobe doors will look extra glamorous and three, because of the large mirror, the otherwise small room will look much more spacious. Try it and you will not be disappointed.

If possible, have a chest of drawers in a place. The top can act as a dressing table and these pieces not only look amazing but also provide tones of space for almost most of your stuff. In addition, because of the drawers, they are all automatically neatly organized. Chest of drawers can also act as a TV unit if you want.

Do contact us at in case you have any specific queries and we will be glad to answer them as well as even create these spaces for you.