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Rug in living room
rug in living room

Rugs are an effective and simple way to transform a room and make it look good. Rugs not only make an interior comfortable but also add to its luxurious ambiance. It will be an important factor in setting the right tone for your room. Rugs are nowadays used and placed in almost all residential and home areas, including the entryways, kitchens and bathrooms. But while doing so it is important to choose the right and appropriate areas for using rugs in a residential area.

Living Room Rug

You may be carrying out a range of activities in your living room. Therefore ,bold and loud rugs should be used here. Make your rug stand out over the overall furnishing and interior designing scheme of the room. It should add to the beauty, spirit, and liveliness without dominating the interiors.

Most modern living rooms have decorative flooring including the tile or wooden flooring nowadays. Because the flooring adds to the environment and the beauty of interior furnishing, at least a part of it should be visible. Therefore, you should avoid the wall-to-wall rugs in the living room. Some trimmings of the room should be visible to the visitor. The nylon, cotton, wool, or silk rugs can all be used in the living room. Woolen rugs are even more easy to clean when compared to other fabrics including cotton.The dirt can be scrubbed out easily from the underneath area of the rugs as well.

Bedroom Rug

The ideal rugs for your bedroom will make it more peaceful and a joyful retreat from the stresses of the outside world. The bedroom furnishing, including rugs, should be impressive and should only have the low-key elements so that it does not spoil your sleep and rest. The more and lighter colors add a soothing feel to your bedroom, and the dark-colored rugs should be avoided here. The bold and loud rug colors and fabric should be avoided. Apart from the cotton rugs, you can also try the silk and wool varieties. The vinyl carpets and rugs that resemble the metal threads should be avoided.

For the bedroom, you can settle for wall-to-wall size drug. It will not only dampen outdoor and indoor noise, but will add a soft ambiance to the room as well.

Entryway Rug

The entryway rug might make the first impression and may also set the tone for other areas and surrounding rooms of the home. Apart from the aesthetics and being an indicator of what might be coming, the entryway rug also sustains heavy footfall and traffic. The rug should hence be super durable and should have the design that complements the decor of the surrounding areas.

Dining Room Rugs

Whether you are partying with your friends and acquaintances or dining along with your family members, the dining room rugs can add to the exhilaration and joy.The cut pile wool rugs and carpets sustain the dragging of furniture including chairs and tables and do not get spoiled. As said earlier, they are also easier to clean. You may find them convenient even when you have to clean the food and wine spills, a situation that may occur frequently in your dining area.

In many homes, the dining room also doubles up as a meeting room or as places where kids play. The surface of the wool rugs is also ideal for the place to be a child playing area.

Bathroom Rugs

On the contrary to what many people may think, it may be prudent and good to invest in a quality rug for your bathroom as well. It will bring to the bathroom a cozy feel, and may also absorb water under the feet. If you want to create a sanitary ambiance and aesthetic, use the cooler colors for rugs in your bathroom. Some chic cotton bathroom rugs are light in weight and can be washed in a washing machine. Remember that rugs can only be placed in a large size bathroom. In the powder side and smaller bathrooms, they make get close to the toilet.

You may also choose a rug on the basis of other considerations and factors. For instance, the kitchen and hallways often have more traffic and footfall. Therefore, you can use the dark colored rugs in these areas. The advantage of choosing the printed ones is that the dirt or uncleanliness will not reveal itself easily in between 2 washes.

Rug Size

While buying a rug, it is important to know about the size precisely. Measure, measure, and measure again! It will help you make a purchase without errors. If a rug touches none of your furniture, it will not provide for good looks. Arug creates a holistic view and brings all the furniture together, or so it seems. A bigger size of rug ensures that some part of all the furniture have at-least some rug beneath them. You can also use the different sheets and pieces of newspaper to find out the best size for your rug.

Rug Shape

Innovation and thoughtfulness also extend to the shape off the rug. For instance, you can use the circular rugs under your dining table if it is round in shape. It is not necessary or mandatory to use a rectangular shaped rug in all kinds of situations and rooms. Rugs are now also being sold in the more abstract forms and designs. The rug may also be hung on the wall of a living room or a dining room, and make a very luxurious and stylish statement.

Rugs may also be used to create patterns, include style, or shower colors within home interiors. For instance, the patterned rugs make a room inviting while adding personality to it and they are not overly bold as well.

Rug Fabric

Lastly, it is also important to consider the fabric for the material of the rug before buying. Acrylic is considered a cheaper alternative to wool and is easy to clean and maintain

Polypropylene rugs can be used in the high traffic areas as they have excellent resistance to heavy traffic and footwall. Cotton rugs are extremely soft and may provider luxurious feel you are home interior. But their durability is always in question. As said above, wool and the durability of it is alluring in a wide range of conditions. Jute, which is also a highly durable fiber, can be an alternative to polypropylene in high traffic areas when you are looking for a natural option. Sisal is also extremely hard wearing but is resistant to susceptible to moisture. The fibers expand upon soaking moisture and hence dry-cleaning kits should be used for cleaning and maintaining it. You can use viscous rugs to add sheen or luxe, but it is not recommended in high traffic areas.

Remember that it should have appropriate and large sizes. Investing in a good quality drug name cost more but will be a good decision in the long run. The good quality rugs preserve their built for a long time and may sustain greatest of wear and tear.

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