What are the typical colors to boost mood at different time?

typical colors
typical colors to boost mood at different time?
typical colors to boost mood at different time?

What are the typical colors to boost mood at different time?

It won’t be new for many that colors and the environment around us have an effect on our behavior, mood, and attitude. Our senses are also affected by the noise, crowd, weather and other surrounding components and factors around us, which in turn also impact our happiness. Research specifically pointed out that the lighter colors create a calm and restful feeling, while the warm colors excite and stimulate us. Whether it is a small redecoration in your home, or a complete turnaround and renovation, you need to know more about these colors to make the best pick and to set the right mood in your home. For instance, you may want your bedroom to be more relaxed and your living room to be more energetic. 

Below are given some of the common and popular home paint colors and their characteristics. The brief descriptions will help you make the best choice when you are painting and decorating any of your rooms or the whole home. 


The color of coffee, when painted on the room walls may lift your spirits the same way as a cup of coffee stimulates you. The shade is suitable for the kitchen areas as well, which may require a high energy atmosphere. The glory of the shade brightens and boosts your mood instantly and also brings to you the go-getter attitude. 


Blue is the color of the sky and is a background that makes you feel centered and relaxed. The blue color has also been associated with authority, honesty, and productivity. It may be one of the best colors for your home walls if you have somebody suffering from heart disease in your home. This is so because blue has been found to reduce the blood pressure. It also steadies your breathing, clear the mind, and mixes well with other kinds of colors, including both lighter and darker shades. You may have the blue colored walls in your bedrooms or at places where you want to lounge or rest. 

But remember that the pastel blues are cold and chilly. Therefore you should settle for the warmest shades of blue, which are better balanced by the furnishing and the other warm hues. 

Bright Orange

Bright Orange may mimic sunlight and maybe one of the best colors for boosting your spirits and motivation. Because orange is one of the more social colors, it can stimulate interaction, communication, and conversations. No other color can offer you such youth and energy than what Orange does. No matter in which part of your home you put the orange color, It will make the area sparkle with vigor, and the room will also have adequate warmth. It can be a good color for the dining and kitchen area if you want to you eat more and increase your weight, as Orange can enhance your appetite. 

But the bright orange color may not suit areas where you want to wind down and relax, for instance, the living room or your bedroom. 


We all know how exciting the color red can be, and it has been also linked to extreme emotions including range and hostility. The red color can increase heartbeat and blood pressure. But it is also the color of roses and romance. You can use this color to paint the walls of the more social rooms of your home. 

Red color can create a strong impression when painted at the entryway, and the adrenaline thumping color may also boost your confidence towards starting conversations. The color may suit the bedroom, but only when you see it through the light of a lamp, where it looks elegant and rich. But the red color is not suitable for areas where you relax.


As we know, the Green color can also be made by combining Yellow and Blue. The color has the freshness and energy of the Yellow shades and the refreshing character of Blue. Green also promotes togetherness and comfort, while not restricting your relaxation and unwinding. The color of nature can also be relaxing in its own, unique, and simple ways. Because it boosts fertility, it can be used in bedrooms as well. You may also want the color in the kid’s room where it’s inspirational effect may drive them to study and achieve more.

Green is also more of a neutral and will set off any other color. It is always a good uplifting alternative when you want to redecorate a room.


Purple is a sophisticated and dramatic color that adds a touch of creativity and luxury to any room interior. It can also be a desired secondary or accent color, and provide more depth to a scheme. Lavender and other lighter versions of the color purple also have the restfulness qualities. Purple is an intermediate color in between blue and red, and should not be confused with violet. 


When you want to make a room look understated, and bring more peace and calmness to it, Pink can be a color of choice. The feminine color is also suitable for homes, suits the energy level, and provides for a better mental composition. The color may be used in creative and alluring ways in almost all rooms.  


Violet can be the best calmer and most peaceful color and has its unique soothing feeling. It has a greater impact on the very soul of human beings and also creates a better mental balance. Avoid a violet shade that has too much black.

The softer shades of violet may be good for your bedroom, where they have a very soothing effect and also add a regal twist. 

Other/Neutral Colours

Brown, White, Grey, and Black are the neutral colors and their use becomes popular and unpopular with fashion/trend seasons. Their use and following may increase and also fade away, to recover again. You cannot these colors to make things lively and can remove them for a calming effect. For instance, small doses of black color, like in home décor, can give more depth to a color scheme. 

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