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The Elements of Light in Interior design

Lighting is a very important feature in architecture and interior design. Its importance lies in the fact that it has a part to play in the way space-dwellers experience and appreciate everything they are surrounded by. Whether its natural light or artificial lighting, it is the medium that lets us see the beauty surrounding us while also intensifying it in various ways. Expert architects and interior designers are of the opinion that lighting adds value to space. Without lighting, you would never be able to see the colors, the furniture, the form of the space, and the textures and patterns. Hence, to enjoy the ethereal architecture and interior design, it is essential to have the best lighting.


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Aspects of lighting

While planning a space, architects and interior designers put a great amount of emphasis on lighting. The architects erect a structure that allows plenty of natural light inside the space and the interior designers further accentuate the space by placing more light sources.

Lighting is planned keeping these three aspects of lighting namely, aesthetic, function, and efficiency, in mind. Based on these three aspects, three elements of lights are strategically placed. Each element signifies one or more aspects.

The three elements of lighting

In interior design, there are three major elements of lighting. They are ambient lighting, focal glow, and sparkle.

Read more about each one of these:

Ambient Lighting

In the most common term, ambient lighting is general lighting. It is the most common kind of lighting. It illuminates the entire space softly without any harsh glare. It is more like natural and flat light that makes you see everything inside the room clearly without any focus on a particular object.

Ambient light creates a very soothing environment in the space to relax. Also known as mood lighting, the lighting remains true to its name and create a tranquil atmosphere that releases all the stress out of you and help you to soothe your senses by letting you dilate your pupils slightly. There are many ways in which the designers light up the space using ambient lighting. You can consider the following options to create perfect ambient lighting in your space:

Track lights or recessed lights

A series of track light not just softly lights the space but also becomes a conversation starter. These lights compliment every kind of ceiling except the low ceiling.

If you want to use these lights in a low ceiling area, you need to make sure the light isn’t too harsh. Also, keep yourself from going overboard with the lights as they are meant to create soft illumination.

You can use track lightings anywhere, from the bedroom to kitchen to living area.

Pendant lights and chandeliers

If your space has tall ceilings, you must go with pendant lights or chandeliers. In terms of designs and patterns, you will not fall short of options. For a modern space, you can go with chic pendant lights, whereas, if you want your space to reflect a regal appeal, go with crystal chandeliers.

Wall lights or wall scones

Stylish and functional, these lights are truly versatile. However, you should be a little cautious while using these lights. Using them overwhelmingly can cause harsh light but using them sensibly over the entire space gives out beautiful soft illumination.

Use these lights in porches, patios, and hallways to create a statement.

Focal Glow

Focal glow is also called task lighting. As the name denotes, it is concentrated light that lights up the area of your work. For instance, when you are reading, you would want more light focused on your book. When you are working on a table, you would want more light on the table. The task light helps you see clearly when you are doing anything like reading, writing, sewing, cooking, etc.

It helps to stimulate the brain naturally. The contrasting light helps you stay more concentrated and alert throughout your work. It helps you clearly see the details of your work.

The offices choose task lights throughout their workspaces to enhance efficiency in their work.

Here is how you can use focal glow in your space:

Desk or floor lamp

If you have a habit of reading before going to bed, you need a focal glow. Keep lamps on your bedside table. Make sure you have desk lamps on your desk and coffee table or anywhere you would want extra light for working.

Swing arm lamps are excellent and can be adjusted according to your needs. You can adjust the arm to concentrate light on a specific area. You can also use floor lamps that are efficient and also enhance the aesthetic appeal.

Pendant and track lights

Pendant and track lights are not just for ambient lighting. They can also be used as focal glow light. Hang them right above your work station.

Track lights are ideal for kids’ homework area, offices, and kitchen islands.

Under-cabinet and vanity lights

Under-cabinet lights are great for kitchens. They provide added flare to the kitchen and offer extra light for tasks like cleaning and chopping.

Vanity lights are excellent for bathrooms, as well as dressing mirrors. You can also use these lights in workstations or garages.


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