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Whether you are looking for a lighting system for your home or office, you can only settle for the lights and a system that has the right set of features and functionality. While some systems can stress on ambiance, others are made to offer better functionality. With so many kinds of light systems available, it may not be easy for you to design which one suits your requirements the best. We try to explain to you the different types of lighting systems so that you can make a proper and wise choice and have the best lighting system for your interior or exterior spaces.


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Different Types of Lights

General or Ambient Lighting

The ambient lighting is the common kind of lighting used within the home interiors and other spaces. It is devoid of harsh glare and lays down enough light cover on any interior. Ambient light is also called natural light in cinematography and photography. When you want to use ambient lighting for your home décor, you should keep it flat and natural. Ambient light is safe enough when you have to move from point A to point B or do not have to undertake the more visual tasks. But it is not enough when you want to highlight anything or when you have to work closely on any object.

Ambient light creates a relaxed and comfortable atmosphere where you can cool down after a stressful day. The “mood lighting” (as it is popularly called) can capture the curve of your face and may also dilate the pupils slightly, showing affection and relaxation. Ambient light is best created by the below given light fixtures.

  • Pendants and Chandeliers
  • If you have tall ceilings, you can choose the chandeliers and pendants. If any come down low enough, people should not walk nearby. These are timeless and classical home decor additions as well for the bathrooms and foyers as well.

  • Track lights or Recessed Lights
  • These lights are in the form of a series of lights or may be installed in the ceiling in the small openings. See to it that the traffic lights are not installed too low so that they throw an undesirable glare on the faces of people. The perfect pieces for decor can be used in bedroom, living room, and kitchen. You can also use them along with dimmers to vary the intensity of light according to your mood.

  • Wall lights and Sconces
  • The beautiful and versatile sconces and wall lights look good in your patios, hallways, and porches. Too many of them at a single place may increase the harshness of light, so you should avoid such installation. It is even better if these lights are integrated within the architecture of the home itself.

Accent Lighting

The accent lighting can be used for bringing focus to any given object. It will add drama and style to any home interior and therefore that are used in the art galleries, exhibitions, and museums. Accenting is commonly used for book displays, art work, wall washing, furniture pieces, and in other areas. You can also use the outdoor accent lights for highlighting the yard or home furniture items and to make a mesmerizing focal point. That is why accent lighting is commonly used during Christmas, Halloween and other occasions and festivals.

Accent lighting creates a more luxurious and sophisticated atmosphere, which combines well with the focal point that they create. It helps the viewers understand the meaning of the focal point while also making it more important and desirable.

  • Wall Lights
  • The wall lights can be used for accent lighting and come in various designs shapes and forms to suit the end purpose.

  • Spot Lighting and Recessed Lighting
  • These lights can also be used for wall washing and creates brilliant and attractive illuminance in any given wall area. The light also highlights the painting, décor, anything else that you have installed on a wall.

  • Landscape Lighting
  • The outdoor landscape lighting can also be termed as an accent lighting that can make your garden look beautiful. You can also lighten up the outdoor sculptures for pathways through the light.

Task Lighting System

A task lighting system, as the name suggests, may facilitate tasks,especially the visual tasks. The small lights of these systems, therefore,throws concentrated light beam. These lights suit a range of activities including cooking, reading, writing, sewing and many other personal or professional works. Therefore, they can be found in both offices and homes. The task light should always be contrasting to the main light of a room. For instance, if your room has a dim and low light the table task light should be of high intensity or glare. The contrast in the environment helps you focus on the task easily while the light will reveal greater details of the object.

The contrasting task lights provide for greater attention and stimulate your brain. They can help you produce better quality results while lowering the errors. Businesses prefer these kinds of lights nowadays.

Some of the popular task light fixtures are given below.

  • Floor lamps
  • The floor lamps are kind of task light that is available in different varieties and therefore can suit many different tasks. Because the light of the “swing arm lamps” can be adjusted, it has good uses for the visual tasks. The floor lamps, including the desk lamps, are highly adjustable and light weight so that you can carry them easily wherever you want.

  • Vanity and Under Cabinet lights
  • The under-cabinet lights are good for your kitchen area for lighting up the countertops. Because they are placed below the eye level, they do not glare and shine on your eyes. They are incident on countertops and other objects that provide for easy working. Likewise, the vanity lights of the bathroom or the dressing mirrors are also placed suitably and provide functionality related benefits. You can also use these as task lights in the garage or at your work stations.

  • Track lights and Pendants
  • While these lights are good for ambiance, the task lights and the pendants can also be used for throwing light on a given surface. You may find these lights be used as task lights in offices with rows of working desks, in the kid homework area, or in the kitchen Island.

Remember that a room interior may require different kind of lights, including the ambient and task lights, and end diffusive effect can be breathtaking. The lights will maintain the decor and beauty of your room while also enhancing functionality. Apart from your own perspective as a homeowner, try to include the perspective of the visitors while choosing a lighting system and its components.


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