We are heading to the spring season and most of us would be all excited about working on our outdoor living spaces this wonderful season. Most of you would be excited about the latest Calgary landscaping and outdoor living ideas so as to please your guests and spend a great time there. 

Unlock the Secrets of Custom, Innovative, and Creative Outdoor Living
Unlock the Secrets of Custom, Innovative, and Creative Outdoor Living

Well, I have listed down the most innovative and unique landscape design Calgary ideas that will definitely give a fresh and creative look to your outdoor living spaces. It will surely leave your guests awe-struck whenever they visit you next time.

So, look no further and let’s start!

Secrets of an Innovative Outdoor Living Space

Go for an Outdoor Rug: Having enough empty space in your outdoor living space? Why not try some outdoor rug. It will not only add colors but even gives a mesmerizing look to your backyard. So, it is a budget-friendly alternative to transform outdoor living space without the need for investing time and effort in painting.

Unlock the Secrets of Custom, Innovative, and Creative Outdoor Living1
Go for an Outdoor Rug
Add a DIY Deck

Confused about where to begin while redesigning your outdoor living space? Well, you must begin with a patio or deck. Adding a patio directly adds an appealing view to your outdoor living space and will definitely add value to your place. You can lay down a concrete patio or go for a wooden deck with chairs.

Tree Bench

If you have big trees in your outdoor living space, it’s time to make that area a special place. You can build a tree bench that will simply demand wood pallets, eye gear, and of course a saw. Once you are done with it, you can then paint the bench with some cool colors and put some cushions for comfy sitting.


Adding a trellis to your outdoor living space can add charm to your place. You can build your own trellis with metal poles or wooden boards. You can even grow climbing roses alongside for growing a garden.

Try a Stone Path

Improving your outdoor space doesn’t only limit the inner renovation; rather Landscaping Calgary comes up with a broader approach. You can even the pathway to your outdoor living space a special one.


Want to add a lively view of your outdoor living space? Well, you can add a fountain in that area. Adding the water feature will not cost you much and doesn’t require much time. You can set up the fountain in the corner and show off your décor in an innovative manner.


To make your outdoor living area look great in the evening, you can add outdoor lighting and give a starry-night view to your guests. For soft lighting, you can even add soft lighting to your outdoor living space.

Vertical Garden

If your outdoor living area isn’t spacious enough, you must go for a vertical garden. Saving the horizontal space, you can grow the garden vertically within your budget. To keep it simple, you can do it all by yourself and if you wish to get a custom vertical garden, you must look for some experienced Landscapers Calgary.


Go for a pergola in your backyard area as this is a fantastic idea that most of the Calgary Landscapers would suggest to you. You can clear out a few spaces in the yard and build pergola easily. Once done with it you can even add curtains and put pillows to enjoy the evenings.

Dining Space

If you have enough space in your outdoor living area, you can keep the dining set to entertain guests, have family barbeques and spend a great time. In case you don’t have a spare table and chairs, you can even use some wooden barrels and wooden boards.

Dining Space
Dining Space
Stock Tank Pool

Adding a stock tank pool is a great way to chill during the hot summer days. In fact, kids will definitely love the pool as they can have a great time playing in the pool. You must place it on the patio for protecting grass from any damage.

Irrespective of you are looking for unique ideas or budget-friendly alternatives to improve your outside living area, all the above tips are worth trying as they will add a unique and fresh look to your outside living area.

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