Knowing How To Have A Home Electrical Safety

Source: Pexels Knowing How To Have A Home Electrical Safety What Is The Main Cause Of Electrical Fires In Homes? At least 69% of electrical fires in any home are attributable to damaged or faulty wiring or related electrical equipment. These fires can also be caused by light fixtures, laps, plugs, cords, transformers and other power supplies. To secure your home from potential fire hazards, you need to consult a professional electrician or hire someone […]

Explain in detail, the three elements of light – Ambient light, focal glow and sparkle.

The Elements of Light in Interior design Lighting is a very important feature in architecture and interior design. Its importance lies in the fact that it has a part to play in the way space-dwellers experience and appreciate everything they are surrounded by. Whether its natural light or artificial lighting, it is the medium that lets us see the beauty surrounding us while also intensifying it in various ways.  Expert architects and interior designers are […]

Types of Lights or Lamps

What are the Different Types of Lighting Systems?

Whether you are looking for a lighting system for your home or office, you can only settle for the lights and a system that has the right set of features and functionality. While some systems can stress on ambiance, others are made to offer better functionality. With so many kinds of light systems available, it may not be easy for you to design which one suits your requirements the best. We try to explain to […]

How do you make good room lighting?

How do you make good room lighting?

While you do notice the furniture, home décor, and other things and aspects in a room, good and impeccable light diffusion is never noticed.  You only notice light when it is not good or appropriate in a given condition. For instance,light may be noticed when it is too little, glared, flickering or in other conditions. But a good room lighting will impact the way you feel the room. Light has a great impact on our […]


How to calculate the intensity of lights required in a room?

The amount of luminous flux (or perceived power of light) spread over a given area is termed as luminance. Luminance can, therefore, be said to be the amount of light measured over a given plane surface. Luminance is used to calculate the intensity of light required in a room. Measuring Luminance Luminance or intensity of light can be measured in either Lux(1 Lux measures 1 lumen per square meter) or foot-candle (1 lumen of light […]

what are effects of light

What are effects of light on feeling of space of a room

More than 60% of the world population will soon be living in urban and metropolitan areas. With the increase in residential complexes and residential demand, the actual area available to all for residential and commercial activities is decreasing. Therefore, it becomes imperative to know more about the ways that can enhance the space, at least psychologically. The lights of a space may also have benefits in this regard, and lights when used properly can make […]