What To Consider Before You Buy A Room AC Source: Pexels What To Consider Before You Buy A Room AC Central air conditioning is probably the best and most convenient choice for some situations, but they do come with a few setbacks. Not only are they considerably more expensive, but they also require professional installation.  Therefore, if you think you could survive by simply cooling one room in the house, perhaps the one used most
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typical colors
typical colors to boost mood at different time? What are the typical colors to boost mood at different time? It won’t be new for many that colors and the environment around us have an effect on our behavior, mood, and attitude. Our senses are also affected by the noise, crowd, weather and other surrounding components and factors around us, which in turn also impact our happiness. Research specifically pointed out that the lighter colors create
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Which are the Neutral Colors in Interior Design and Why are They Called So? Gone are the days when using neutral colors in homes was considered as boring and bland. The latest interior trends are all about neutrals. Neutral colors, such as beige, ivory, gray, white, etc are dominating the color schemes of not just commercial projects but many residential properties. Neutral tones are finding their way into the living spaces of the people who
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The Elements of Light in Interior design Lighting is a very important feature in architecture and interior design. Its importance lies in the fact that it has a part to play in the way space-dwellers experience and appreciate everything they are surrounded by. Whether its natural light or artificial lighting, it is the medium that lets us see the beauty surrounding us while also intensifying it in various ways.  Expert architects and interior designers are
types of polish finishes
different types of polish finishes for wood? What are the different types of polish finishes for wood? The wood polish and finish protect the wooden surfaces from moisture, humidity, UV rays of the sun, and other adverse agents. They may also add rich, glossy, luxurious, and shiny feel to the surface of the wood. Polish and finish may sanitize the wooden surface as well, as it can close the pores of the word that can
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