1BHK Interior Design Cost
  • May 18, 2023 /
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1BHK Interior Design Packages

The cost of 1BHK interior design in India can vary greatly depending on a number of factors such as the location, quality of materials used, level of customization, and complexity of the design. However, based on typical prices in different cities in India, here are some general estimates:

Simply Interiors is a brand well known for good quality interiors with presence in Bangalore, Hyderabad and Pune. Our Bangalore Experience Center is open in HSR Layout and we have an unbeatable offer for you.


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Completely factory done, Modular Interiors for 1BHK at 2.1 Lakhs including GST!

What does this include?
  1. Bottom and wall cabinets for a 6'X8' kitchen with BWP plywood, Hettich hinges and Century laminates*.
  2. Four door wardrobe (6'X7')** with loft above in BWR plywood, Hettich hinges and channels and Century laminates*.
  3. 4' wide basic study table in BWR plywood, Hettich hinges and Century laminates*
  4. A shoe rack which is 3'X4' in dimensions in BWR plywood, Hettich hinges and Century laminates*
  5. A 4'X2' TV unit in BWR plywood, Hettich hinges and Century laminates*
  6. GST of 18% is included.
  7. All transport of the material is included.
  8. All installation is included.
  9. Basic 3D designs including one change are included.
What does it NOT include?
  1. Specific hardware for kitchen like tandems etc as well as soft close are not included and will be as per actual price difference.
  2. Any running spot discounts for immediate closure are not included.
  3. Any additional things not mentioned are not included. Doesnt mean we don't do them. False ceiling, electrical, furniture etc, we can take care of all the work you may have.
Not to forget, this ALSO INCLUDES
  1. 7 years warranty on our work plus 2 years extended warranty for select customers.
  2. 45 days work completion guarantee on the work mentioned above as soon as execution is started. We have a written "Delay Penalty" in case we dont achieve what we say we will.

* Century laminates selection is from a whole catalog including glossy,matte and texture finishes and not 5-10 laminates and rest coming "at extra cost".

**This is called a "standard size". Some companies charge much extra for "non standard size" which we dont. So a 5% increase in size will only result in 5% increase in cost and not an exponential increase.

In a large metro city like Mumbai, Delhi, and Bangalore, the cost of 1BHK interior design can range from Rs. 2.5 lakhs to Rs.6 lakhs or more, depending on the factors mentioned above. In smaller metros like Pune, Hyderabad, and Chennai, the cost of 1BHK interior design can range from Rs. 2 lakh to Rs. 4 lakhs or more.

Nowadays, as the smaller metros are also expanding rapidly, this difference in price is rapidly coming down.

These are just rough estimates and the actual cost may vary depending on the specific requirements and preferences of the client. Its always a good idea to get a detailed quote to get an accurate idea of the cost.

For the understanding of work above, we have considered a small kitchenette of around 10-12 feet in length, one 4 door wardrobe for storage along with loft, a small TV unit and shoe rack as well as a study table. These are basics which are usually necessary and costs can vary depending on scope.

Connect with us over whatsapp at 9341 074 074 or email us at enquiry@simplyinteriors.in to get more details and connect with our team.

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